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Conflict Resolution

"Anger, Violence and You: Taking Control" - (grades 7-12) Probing the reasons people get angry, this video helps students understand this natural emotion. The program examines how violence results when anger is not addressed, and asks a series of questions to help students realize that while they can't change others, they do have the power to change their own angry behavior. Shows viewers how to let out their anger in a healthy way, and presents ten steps to resolving conflict that can help them stay in control. (42 minutes)

"Everybody's Different" - (grades K-2) Young children are sometimes uncomfortable with being different. This song-filled video helps them accept and enjoy the diversity around them, depicting the various ways in which people are different: color, shape, size, skills, food, or clothes. Focusing on three areas of diversity: skill levels, ethnic backgrounds, and physical challenges, the program illustrates how young people can deal graciously with unfamiliar diversities. (14 minutes)

"Getting Better at Getting Along: Conflict Resolution"
- (grades 2-4) This video shows kids that when they express themselves clearly and listen carefully, they improve their ability to solve problems, take greater responsibility for themselves, and get better at getting along, in and out of school. (16 minutes)

"I Get So Mad" - (grades K-2) When young children get angry, their strong feelings can propel them into inappropriate or destructive behavior. This program makes kids aware that anger is a natural emotion everyone experiences at times. Showing them that it's not the getting angry that counts, but what they decide to do about it, the video offers easy ways to cope. (13 minutes)

"Increase the Peace: Conflict Resolution" - (grades 7-12) Shot in a city setting with streetwise kids, and using scenarios and language viewers will recognize as straight out of their own lives, this program teaches specific, easy-to-learn skills and effective strategies for conflict resolution. (32 minutes)

"No More Teasing" - (grades 2-4) This video presents effective strategies that kids can use to protect themselves against teasing or bullying. With the help of the "No More Teasing Team"-peer hosts who introduce common teasing situations and offer solutions-the program shows how students can change their own behavior to lessen the impact of teasing or bullying. (14 minutes)

"Stop Teasing Me"
- encourages children to develop greater respect for others and to learn how to cope with being teased. For grades K-2, includes 13-minute videotape, workbook and audiotape.

"Student Workshop: Anger-Management Skills" - (grades 7-12) This hands-on workshop teaches the anger-management skills that enable teens to get along better with friends, family and authority figures. The program uses an MTV-style format to help students discover the things that trigger their anger and understand the consequences of angry behavior. (40 minutes)

"We Can Work It Out: Conflict Resolution" - (grades K-2) This program teaches young students age-appropriate strategies for resolving conflicts. Shows how asking questions, listening, and thinking of ways to do things differently can provide solutions. Using scenarios and a storyteller to emphasize the points made helps viewers get better at getting along. (11 minutes)

"What's Hate All About" - (grades 7-12) This video helps young people understand the dynamics underpinning this most dangerous of human emotions. Using an MTV-style format, the program examines through the personal stories of real teens the many reasons people hate and the stereotypes that hate fosters. The program helps students recognize their own negative feelings toward others, and shows them that they can make a difference by speaking out against hate in all its varied forms. (24 minutes)

"Whitewash: Building Racial Harmony" - (grades 3-6) This moving drama helps raise the subject of racism and hate crimes. Using music, believable dialogue, and interesting animation, this video tells the true story of Helene Angel, who was attacked and had her face spray painted white while walking home in the Bronx in 1992. Traumatized, Helene goes into hiding, but overcomes her fear with the help of her grandmother, teacher and schoolmates. The video shows the power of love, courage, community and friendship to overcome hate, and delivers an inspiring message. (20 minutes)

"Working It Out: Conflict Resolution" - (grades 5-9) Introducing pre-teens and young teens to conflict resolution, this video shows students how good communication skills and mediation can turn conflict into a positive experience, build self-esteem, and improve relationships. (28 minutes)