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George Street Playhouse Tolerance Project

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation lends its support to the George Street Playhouse's Touring Theatre, bringing five plays to students in disadvantaged areas throughout the state. The plays, New Kid, Peacemaker, In Between, Tomato Plant Girl and Wasted, address such timely issues as school violence, tolerance, prejudice, drug abuse and peer pressure.


All performances are followed by a discussion with the audience facilitated by the actors. The Foundation also published student "playbills" and teacher study guides for each play to complement the productions and help facilitate discussion in the classroom that will go beyond the performance. The student guides mirror the traditional theatrical playbill, preserving the theater experience for the students, but also giving them a basis for thinking about the play's theme. The "playbills" include a synopsis of the particular play as well as relevant information regarding the play's theme, including bullying material and tips for dealing with conflicts.


For more information about bringing one of these plays to your school, call the George Street Playhouse Touring Theatre at (732) 846-2895 ext. 115.

George Street Playhouse Tolerance Project Plays:

document icon In Between Playbill
document icon In Between Teacher's Guide
document icon New Kid Playbill
document icon New Kid Teacher's Guide
document icon Peacemaker Playbill
document icon Peacemaker Teacher's Guide
document icon Wasted Playbill