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October 10, 2013

On page 46 of the 2013-2014 High School Mock Trial Workbook, change line #7 as follows: "Devon Road, about a mile south of Vander Von Sander's estate."


October 22, 2013

Subject to other stipulations, Sergeant Jean Durand may be questioned in direct and/or cross examination as to Sid Sawyer's statement to Sergeant Durand and Sergeant Durand may quote Sid Sawyer. Sergeant Durand may be cross examined on his/her interviews of Sam Axelrod and/or Logan Sawyer and/or Exhibit P1 (which he/she received in the mail from Sam Axelrod) to the extent permitted by R.5:4-8 Impeachment. For example, if Sergeant Durand gives his/her expert opinion on direct examination that Sid Sawyer was driving at the time of the accident, then defense counsel may cross examine Sergeant Durand as to Logan Sawyer's statement that Logan saw Cathy in the driver's seat in the parking lot of Logan's apartment complex. Of course, in that event, the Prosecutor would be permitted to address this issue on re-direct examination. The above clarification modifies Rules 5:4-5, 5:4-14 and 5:4-15.


October 22, 2013

Regarding Stipulation #22 on page 35 of the workbook, the defense, in cross examination of Sergeant Durand, is likewise not allowed to make reference to Sid Sawyer's prior juvenile arrest.


October 22, 2013

On page 63 of the workbook, line #85, delete reference to Dr. Lang in both places in this sentence and replace with Sergeant Durand.


October 22, 2013

On page 64 of the workbook, line #145, delete "cerebral" and replace with cervical.



December 17, 2013

Please note that students are not permitted to use iPads, laptops, cell phones or any electronic or telecommunication devices while competing. See the Code of Conduct on pages 7 and 8 of the workbook for other specific prohibitions for participants and guests.



Our 2013-2014 High School Mock Trial Workbook, which contains the case, rules and procedures, is now available. This year's case deals with vehicular homicide. To download the workbook, click here.   


Please note: The Official Competition Entry Form is on page 1 of our 2013-2014 High School Mock Trial Workbook. Please fill out this form when you download the workbook. You must submit an Official Entry Form by October 25, 2013, in order to enter the competition. THE WORKSHOP REGISTRATION FORM IS NOT AN ENTRY FORM.

If you have any questions about the competition, please do not hesitate to call Sheila Boro at 732-937-7519, or e-mail sboro@njsbf.org.


The competition can help to fulfill Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science & Technical Subjects as well as the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies.


Competition begins on the local level, usually in January or early February. To find out the date(s) and time(s) of your county's competition, or to obtain an attorney-coach for your team, please contact your County Mock Trial Coordinator.


A list of the 2013-2014 County Mock Trial Coordinators follows:

Addresses and contact information below are provided for official, non-commercial use. Please do not use this information for solicitation purposes.



County Coordinator

Name:    Rebecca C. Lafferty, Esq.

Firm:      Atlantic County Bar Association

             1201 Bacharach Blvd., 3rd Floor

             Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Tel:        609-345-3444

Email:    rclafferty@cooperlevenson.com




County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Nicole McDonough, Esq.

Firm:      Cole, Schotz et al, PA

             Court Plaza North

             25 Main Street

              Hackensack, NJ  07601     

Tel:         201-525-6208

Fax:        201-678-6208

E-mail:   nmcdonough@coleschotz.com


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Lauren M. Manduke, Esq.

Firm:      Cole Schotz et al, PA

               Court Plaza North

               25 Main Street

               Hackensack, NJ  07601

Tel:         201-525-6358

Fax:        201-678-6358

E-mail:   lmanduke@coleschotz.com




County Coordinator

Name:  Brett E. J. Gorman, Esq.

Firm:    Parker McCay P.A.

           9000 Midlantic Drive

           Suite 300
           P.O. Box 5054

           Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Tel:     856-985-4051

Fax:    856-810-5852

Email:  bgorman@parkermccay.com






County Coordinator

Name:    Peter Frattarelli, Esq.

Firm:      Archer & Greiner

               One Centennial Square

               Haddonfield, NJ  08033

Tel:         856-795-2121

Fax:        856-795-0574

E-mail:   pfrattarelli@archerlaw.com




County Coordinator

Name:    James E. Moore, Esq.

Firm:      Serber Konschak LLP

               201 East 34th Street

               Ocean City, NJ 08226

Tel:         609-398-4222

Fax:        609-398-8222

E-mail:   jmoore@serkonlaw.com




County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Beth White, Esq.

Firm:      Chance and McCann

               201 W. Commerce Street

               Bridgeton, NJ  08302

Tel:         856-451-9100

Fax:        856-455-5227

E-mail:   bwhite@chancemccann.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Megan Mazzoni, Esq.

Firm:      Mazzoni Law Firm

               1170 E. Landis Avenue

               Vineland, NJ  08360

Tel:         856-696-1100

Fax:        856-696-0707

E-mail:   megan.mazzoni@gmail.com



County Co-Coordinator  

Name:    Donna Cameron, Esq.

Titel:       Assistant Prosecutor

Firm:      Essex County Prosecutor Office

               Veterans Court House

               50 West Market Street

               Newark, NJ 07102

Tel:         973-621-4215

Fax:        973-621-4245

E-mail:   donna.cameron@njecpo.org


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Amanda Graham, Esq.

Firm:     Trenk DiPasquale Della Fera & Sodono PC

             347 Mount Pleasant Ave

             Suite 300

             West Orange, NJ 07052

Tel:        973-323-8654

Fax:       973-243-8677

Email:    agraham@trenklawfirm.com




County Coordinator

Name:    Gary D. Thompson, Esq.

Firm:      Ware, Steitz & Thompson

               10 Pitman Avenue

               Pitman, NJ  08071

Tel:         856-589-6300

Fax:        856-589-6309

E-mail:   gdt@verizon.net




County Coordinator

Name:    Steve McCurrie, Esq

Firm:      McCurrie, McCurrie & McCurrie, LLC

               680 Kearny Avenue

               Kearny, NJ  07032

Tel:         201-997-2100

Fax:        201-997-9567

E-mail:   mccurrielaw@mccurrielaw.com



County Coordinator

Name:    John Macce, Esq.

Firm:      Macce & Cresti, PC

               17 East Main Street

               Clinton, NJ  08809

Tel:         908-713-9008

Fax:        908-713-9009

E-mail:   john@maccelaw.com




County Coordinator

Name:    Lara R. Lovett, Esq.

Firm:      Bright & Sponder

               13 Roszel Road, C223

               Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel:         609-915-2709

Fax:        866-220-6039

E-mail:   laralovett@gmail.com




County Coordinator

Name:    Brenda Vallecilla, Esq.

               300 Maple Avenue

               Suite 201

               South Plainfield, NJ  07080

Tel:         908-756-2173

Fax:        908-756-2178

E-mail:   bvallelawinfo@gmail.com





County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Loryn Lawson, Esq.

Firm:      Lomurro Davison Eastman

               & Munoz PA

               100 Willow Brook Road, Ste. 100

               Freehold, NJ  07728

Tel:         732-462-7170

Fax:        732-462-8955

E-mail:   llawson@lomurrolaw.com


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Jessica S. Strugibenetti, Esq.

Firm:      Law Offices of Peter Lucas LLC

               725 Carol Avenue

               PO Box 490

               Oakhurst, NJ  07755

Tel:         732-663-9100

Fax:        732-663-0029

E-mail:   jessica@lm-lawfirm.com


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Ronald T. Catelli, Esq.

               Reussille, Mausner

               Carotenuto, Barger & Steele

               149 Avenue at the Commons

               Suite 1

               Shrewsbury, NJ 07702-4583

Tel:         732-741-1800

Fax:        732-758-9724

E-mail:   RTCESQ@aol.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Sandra González, Esq.

Firm:      Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, PC

               100 Southgate Parkway

               PO Box 1997

               Morristown, NJ  07962-1997

Tel:         973-889-4114

Fax:        973-538-5146

E-mail:   sgonzalez@pbnlaw.com


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Okechi C. Ogbuokiri, Esq.

Firm:      Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, PC

               100 Southgate Parkway

               PO Box 1997

               Morristown, NJ  07962-1997

Tel:         973-889-4129

Fax:        973-538-5146

E-mail:   ocogbuokiri@pbnlaw.com


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Rachel A. Segall, Esq.

Firm:      Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, PC

               100 Southgate Parkway

               PO Box 1997

               Morristown, NJ  07962-1997

Tel:         973-889-4261

Fax:        973-538-5146

E-mail:   rasegall@pbnlaw.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    John G. Ducey, Esq.

Firm:      Law Offices of John G. Ducey

               345 Herbertsville Road

               Brick, NJ  08724

Cell:        732-691-0153

Tel:         732-458-5600

Fax:        732-458-5602

E-mail:   john.ducey@verizon.net


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Maryanne Calvetto, Esq.

               40 Bey Lea Road, Suite C204

               Toms River, NJ  08753-2900

Tel:         732-505-8500

Fax:        732-244-1151

Email:     marycalvettolaw@gmail.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Stacie A. Brustman, Esq.

Firm:       RC Shea & Associates

               244 Main Street

               CN 2627

               Toms River, NJ  08754

Tel:         732-505-1212

Fax:        732-505-0423

E-mail:    sbrustman@rcshea.com




County Coordinator

Name:    Alfred V. Acquaviva, Esq.

               100 Hamilton Plaza

               Suite 1212

               Paterson, NJ  07505

Tel:         973-684-0623

Fax:        973-279-3892

E-mail:   aacquaviva@avalawyers.com




County Coordinator

Name:    Jana R. DiCosmo, Esq.

               294 Merion Avenue

               Apt. A1

               Carneys Point, NJ 08069

Tel:         856-469-1477

E-mail:   jrdicosmo@mail.widener.edu





County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Adelaide Riggi, Esq.

Firm:      Norris McLaughlin & Marcus PA

               PO Box 5933

               721 Route 202/206, Ste. 200

               Bridgewater, NJ  08807-5933        

Tel:         908-722-0700

Fax:        908-722-0755

E-mail:   ariggi@nmmlaw.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Jason Storipan, Esq.

Firm:      Fisher & Philips LLP

               430 Mountain Avenue

               Suite 303

               Murray Hill, NJ 08844

Tel:         908-516-1065

Fax:        908-516-1114

E-mail:   jstoripan@laborlawyers.com




County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Janine Cerra, Esq.

               Assistant Deputy Public Defender

               Office of the Public Defender

               Office of Parental Representation

               2170 Headquarters Plaza

               Morristown, NJ  07960

Tel:         973-656-4488

Fax:        973-656-4496

E-mail:   janine.cerra@opd.state.nj.us


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Daniel A. Benkendorf, Esq.

             Attorney at Law

Firm:      Heymann and Fletcher

             1201 Sussex Turnpike

             P.O. Box 518 (forward all mail to the P.O. box)

             Mt. Freedom, NJ 07970

Tel:        973-895-4400

Fax:       973-895-3005

E-mail:   dbenkendorf@hflawfirm.com


County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Tiffany Heineman, Esq.

              Laddy, Clark & Ryan, LLP

              60 Blue Heron Road, Suite 300

              Sparta, NJ  07871

Tel:         973-729-1880

Fax:        937-729-1224





County Coordinator

Name:    Andrew J. Gibbs, Esq.

Firm:      Lindabury McCormick

               Estabrook & Cooper, PC

               53 Cardinal Drive

               PO Box 2369

               Westfield, NJ  07090

Tel:         908-233-6800

Direct:    908-301-5600

Fax:        908-233-5078

E-mail:   agibbs@lindabury.com



County Coordinator

Name:     Scott Wilhelm, Esq.

Firm:        Winegar, Wilhelm

                 Glynn & Roemersma

                 305 Rosebury Street

                 Phillipsburg, NJ  08865

Tel:           908-454-3200

Fax:          908-454-3322

E-mail:     wilhelms@verizon.net