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Clarification #1
October 16, 2015


2015-2016 Mock Trial Workbook, page 68, lines 36 - 37, delete "The stairwell is carpeted, with a one-half inch pile." Delete the beginning of line 39, as follows: "Upstairs, there is the same carpeting as the stairs." Delete the following on page 70, lines 107-108: "even down to using the same type of carpet where the bullets were found." On page 70, line 160 should read "- the ejected casings fell to the left side..." On page 71, line #161, delete "No casings fell to the left front, or to the left at all." Also, on page 71, after line 164, add "It is my expert opinion that Abrams fired both shots from the middle step."


Clarification #2
October 16, 2015


Jury verdict sheets do not have to address affirmative defenses, such as justification.


Clarification #3

October 21, 2015


On page 57, at line 70, delete "stairwell's rug" and replace with "stairwell."


Clarification #4

November 19, 2015


At page 88 of the workbook, line #86, add the following four bolded words: "Det. Jerry/Gerrie Singer admits in his/her report that it is not possible to determine using GSR or stippling whether Jordan Abrams shot the intruder...." 


Clarification #5

November 19, 2015


In the Autopsy Report, on page 98, lines #7 and #8, delete the following: "and a bullet had penetrated his spinal cord;"


Clarification #6

November 20, 2015


Consistent with Clarification #1, line #161 of Det. Singer's statement on page 71 of the workbook should be changed from "the casings fell either directly under the gun or to the right side" to "the casings fell either directly under the gun or to the left side...."


Clarification #7

November 20, 2015


The following should be added to Stipulation #10 on page 39: "A sworn statement of any witness, regardless of where it is located in the workbook, is part of that witness's statements and can be used for direct or cross-examination." 


Clarification #8

December 1, 2015


On page 70, line #143, change as follows: "In evidence was the Taser recovered by me...." Delete "recovered by Det. Peeler."


Clarification #9

December 1, 2015


Do not use materials outside the workbook to dispute the contents of the case. For example, do not research the Glock 17 to dispute the description in the workbook.


Clarification #10

December 1, 2015


On page 56, line #13, change "...I was the only officer dispatched" to "...I was the only officer available initially."


Clarification #11

December 10, 2015


The references to "30 degrees" at page 69, lines #74 and 81, and at page 70, lines #121 and 123, should all be changed to 36.87 degrees. Add the following diagram as Exhibit S9, authored by Det. Singer. Add to page 69, at the end of line 74, the following to Det. Singer's statement: "Diagram S9 represents the spatial relationship between Jordan Abrams and Chris Pavano when Abrams shot Pavano."  See diagram.


Clarification #12

December 17, 2015


On page 70, line #124, delete “back” at the end of the sentence and replace with “chest.” 


Clarification #13

December 18, 2015


On page 87, line #45, change “20.40 inch broom handle ” to “30 inch broom handle….”


Clarification #14

December 18, 2015


Change the word “sofa” in Jordan Abrams’ statement on page 81, line #121, and Jesse Ryan’s statement, page 90, line #163, to “easy chair.”




Our 2015-2016 High School Mock Trial Workbook, which contains the Official Entry Form, case, rules and procedures, is now available. To download the workbook, click here. This year's case deals with self-defense.   


Our free, annual Mock Trial Workshop for teacher- and attorney-coaches will be held on October 21, 2015 at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick. To register, click here.   

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact Sheila Boro at 732-937-7519, or e-mail sboro@njsbf.org.


Competition begins on the local level, usually in January or early February. To find out the date(s) and time(s) of your county's competition, or to obtain an attorney-coach for your team, please contact your County Mock Trial Coordinator.



For the first time, the Foundation will sponsor a courtroom art contest for high school students in connection with our Vincent J. Apruzzese Mock Trial Competition. Art students whose schools enter the Mock Trial Competition will be eligible to participate. For further information contact Cynthia Pellegrino at 732-937-7507 or cpellegrino@njsbf.org. 


A list of the 2015-2016 County Mock Trial Coordinators follows:

Addresses and contact information below are provided for official, non-commercial use. Please do not use this information for solicitation purposes.



County Coordinator

Name:    Rebecca C. Lafferty, Esq.

Firm:      Cooper Levenson

             1125 Atlantic Avenue

             Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Tel:        609-572-7750

Fax:       609-572-7551

Email:    rclafferty@cooperlevenson.com




County Coordinator

Name:    Nicole McDonough, Esq.

Firm:      Cole Schotz et al, PA

             Court Plaza North

             25 Main Street

             Hackensack, NJ  07601

Tel:        201-525-6208

Fax:       201-678-6208

E-mail:    nmcdonough@coleschotz.com





County Coordinator

Name:  Brett E. J. Gorman, Esq.

Firm:    Parker McCay P.A.

           9000 Midlantic Drive

           Suite 300
           P.O. Box 5054

           Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Tel:      856-985-4051

Fax:     856-810-5852

E-mail:  bgorman@parkermccay.com





County Coordinator

Name:    Peter Frattarelli, Esq.

Firm:      Archer & Greiner

             One Centennial Square

             Haddonfield, NJ  08033

Tel:        856-795-2121

Fax:       856-795-0574

E-mail:   pfrattarelli@archerlaw.com





County Coordinator

Name:    Brett Yore, Esq.

Firm:      Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office

             4997 Unami Boulevard

             Suite 2

             P.O. Box 2002

             Mays Landing, NJ 08330

Tel:        609-909-7800

Fax:       609-909-7802

E-mail:   brettyore@yahoo.com





County Coordinator

Name:    Beth White, Esq.

Firm:      Chance and McCann

              201 W. Commerce Street

              Bridgeton, NJ  08302

Tel:         856-451-9100

Fax:        856-455-5227

E-mail:    bwhite@chancemccann.com





County Coordinator

Name:    Thomas J. DeCataldo, Esq.

Firm:      Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C.

             293 Eisenhower Parkway

             Livingston, NJ 07039

Tel:        973-992-0900

Fax:       973-992-0301

E-mail:    tdecataldo@skoloffwolfe.com




County Coordinator

Name:    Gary D. Thompson, Esq.

Firm:      Ware, Steitz & Thompson

             10 Pitman Avenue

             Pitman, NJ  08071

Tel:        856-589-6300

Fax:       856-589-6309

E-mail:   gdt1951@comcast.net





County Coordinator

Name:    Steve McCurrie, Esq.

Firm:      McCurrie, McCurrie & McCurrie, LLC

             680 Kearny Avenue

             Kearny, NJ  07032

Tel:        201-997-2100

Fax:       201-997-9567

E-mail:   mccurrielaw@mccurrielaw.com




County Co-Coordinator

Name:    John Macce, Esq.

Firm:      Macce & Cresti, PC

             17 East Main Street

             Clinton, NJ  08809

Tel:        908-713-9008

Fax:       908-713-9009

E-mail:   john@maccelaw.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    John J. Burke III, Esq.

Title:      Assistant Prosecutor

Firm:      Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office

             Justice Center

             P.O. Box 756

             Flemington, NJ 08822-0756

Tel:        908-788-1129

E-mail:    jburke@co.hunterdon.nj.us





County Coordinator

Name:    Katie Magee, Esq.

Firm:      Office of the Prosecutor

             County of Mercer

             P.O. Box 8068

             Trenton, NJ 08650

Tel:        609-989-6370

Fax:       609-394-7258

Email:     kmagee@mercercounty.org 




County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Katie Bartek, Esq.

Email:      katiebdz@gmail.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Tyler Hall, Esq.

              Rebenack, Aronow & Mascolo

              111 Livingston Avenue

              New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Tel:         732-247-3600

Fax:        732-247-3630

E-mail:    thall@ramlawnj.com





County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Loryn Lawson, Esq.

Firm:      Byrnes O'Hern & Heugle

             28 Leroy Place

             Red Bank, NJ 07701

Tel:        732-219-7711

Fax:       732-219-7733

E-mail:   llawson@byrnesohern.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Jonathan Goldsmith Cohen, Esq.

Firm:      I. Mark Cohen Law Group

             1 Executive Drive, Suite 6

             Tinton Falls, NJ 07701

Tel:        732-741-9500

Fax:       732-741-0226

E-mail:    jcg@imclawgroup.com




County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Rachel A. Parisi, Esq.

Firm:       Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, PC

              100 Southgate Parkway

              PO Box 1997

              Morristown, NJ  07962-1997

Tel:         973-889-4261

Fax:        973-538-5146

E-mail:    RAParisi@pbnlaw.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Pamela R. Kaplan, Esq.

Firm:       Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, PC

              100 Southgate Parkway

              P.O. Box 1997

              Morristown, NJ 07962-1997

Tel:         973-889-4352

Fax:        973-538-5146

E-mail:    prkaplan@pbnlaw.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Deborah H. Share, Esq.

              Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, PC

              100 Southgate Parkway

              P.O. Box 1997

              Morristown, NJ 07962-1997

Tel:        973-889-4056

Fax:       973-538-5146

E-mail:   dhshare@pbnlaw.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:     John G. Ducey, Esq.

Firm:       Law Offices of John G. Ducey

              345 Herbertsville Road

              Brick, NJ  08724

Cell:        732-691-0153

Tel:         732-458-5600

Fax:        732-458-5602

E-mail:    john.ducey@verizon.net



County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Maryanne Calvetto, Esq.

              54 East Water Street

              Toms River, NJ  08753

Tel:         732-505-8500

Fax:        732-244-1151

Email:     marycalvettolaw@gmail.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Stacie A. Brustman, Esq.

Firm:       RC Shea & Associates

              244 Main Street

              CN 2627

              Toms River, NJ  08754

Tel:         732-505-1212

Fax:        732-505-0423

E-mail:    sbrustman@rcshea.com





County Coordinator

Name:      Alfred V. Acquaviva, Esq.

               100 Hamilton Plaza

               Suite 1212

               Paterson, NJ  07505

Tel:          973-684-0623

Fax:         973-279-3892

E-mail:     aacquaviva@avalawyers.com





County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Beth White, Esq.

Firm:      Chance and McCann

              201 W. Commerce Street

              Bridgeton, NJ  08302

Tel:         856-451-9100

Fax:        856-455-5227

E-mail:    bwhite@chancemccann.com


County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Amanda Hillary Mazzoni, Esq.

Firm:       Mazzoni Law Firm

              1170 East Landis Ave.

              Vineland, NJ 08360

Tel:         856-696-1100

Fax:        856-696-0707

E-mail:    Amanda.MazzoniLawFirm@Gmail.com





County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Adelaide Riggi, Esq.

Firm:       Norris McLaughlin & Marcus PA

              PO Box 5933

              721 Route 202/206, Ste. 200

              Bridgewater, NJ  08807-5933        

Tel:         908-722-0700

Fax:        908-722-0755

E-mail:    ariggi@nmmlaw.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Jason Storipan, Esq.

Firm:      Fisher & Philips LLP

              430 Mountain Avenue

              Suite 303

              Murray Hill, NJ 08844

Tel:         908-516-1065

Fax:        908-516-1114

E-mail:    jstoripan@laborlawyers.com





County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Janine Cerra, Esq.

              Assistant Deputy Public Defender

              Office of the Public Defender

              20 East Clinton Street

              Newton, NJ  07860

Tel:         973-383-9445

Fax:        973-383-9949

E-mail:    janine.cerra@opd.state.nj.us



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Daniel A. Benkendorf, Esq.

Firm:      Heymann and Fletcher

             1201 Sussex Turnpike

             P.O. Box 518

             Mt. Freedom, NJ 07970

Tel:        973-895-4400

Fax:       973-895-3005

E-mail:   dbenkendorf@hflawfirm.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:    Tiffany Heineman, Esq.

              Laddy, Clark & Ryan, LLP

              60 Blue Heron Road, Suite 300

              Sparta, NJ  07871

Tel:         973-729-1880

Fax:        973-729-1224

E-mail:    theineman@lcrlaw.com





County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Jared B. Weiss, Esq.

Firm:       Fruchter, Weiss & Associates

              726 Boulevard, Suite 19

              Kenilworth, NJ 07033

Tel:         908-241-2626

Fax:        908-245-5800

E-mail:    jwesq@mynjlawyer.com



County Co-Coordinator

Name:     Scott M. Sinins, Esq.

Firm:       Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn 

                 Wikstrom & Sinis

              201 Washington Street

              Newark, NJ 07102

Tel:         973-642-7005 X 165

Fax:        973-642-2981

E-mail:    ssinins@lawjw.com





County Coordinator

Name:      Scott Wilhelm, Esq.

Firm:        Winegar, Wilhelm

               Glynn & Roemersma

               305 Rosebury Street

               Phillipsburg, NJ  08865

Tel:          908-454-3200

Fax:         908-454-3322

E-mail:     wilhelms@verizon.net