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The Legal Eagle


  • The Legal Eagle - Fall 2000 Contains articles on Napster, the electoral college, perjury and constitutional amendments 6 through 10.
  • The Legal Eagle - Fall 2001 Contains articles on juvenile delinquency, youth courts and violence in sports.
  • The Legal Eagle - Fall 2002 Contains articles on television disclaimers, the Pledge of Allegiance, legislation regarding the weight of backpacks and online DVD sharing.
  • The Legal Eagle - Fall 2003 Contains articles on cameras in the courtroom, the insanity defense, and school censorship.
  • The Legal Eagle - Fall 2004 Contains articles on indecency standards, how the Constitution is amended, reducing the voting age, and puppy mills.
  • The Legal Eagle - Fall 2005 Contains articles on filibustering, becoming a U.S. Supreme Court justice, and the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • The Legal Eagle - Fall 2006 Contains articles on juveniles and the death penalty, cell phones and driving, file-sharing, and sedition.
  • The Legal Eagle - Fall 2007 Contains articles on protecting wetlands, smoking on film, free speech, and teaching the Bible in public schools.
  • Legal Eagle Fall 2008 Contains articles on jurors asking questions during a trial, the Fairness Doctrine, and legislation relating to gang violence.
  • Legal Eagle Fall 2009 Contains articles on pet custody, junk food commercials, regulating homeschooling and copyright infringement.
  • Legal Eagle Fall 2010 Contains articles on instant runoff voting, religious license plates, and book banning.
  • Legal Eagle Fall 2011 Contains articles on the possibility of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state, the Texas textbook controversy, and the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding Miranda rights.
  • Legal Eagle Fall 2012 Contains articles on Kyleigh's Law, corporal punishment, whether homeschool children should be allowed to play sports on public school teams, and whether the First Amendment protects the right to lie.
  • Fall 2013 Legal Eagle Contains articles on filibusters, the nanny state and academic freedom bills.
  • Legal Eagle Fall 2014 Contains articles on GMO labeling, the living wage, and e-cigarettes.
  • Fall 2015 Legal Eagle Special Technology Issue: Contains articles on streaming music, social media, threats on Facebook and the "right to be forgotten" on the Internet.
  • Fall 2016 Legal Eagle Special Election Edition: Contains articles on money in politics, automatic voter registration, the primary voting process and the U.S. Supreme Court decision concerning one person, one vote.


  • The Legal Eagle - 2001 Spanish/Español
  • The Legal Eagle - 2002 Spanish/Español
  • The Legal Eagle - 2003 Spanish/Español


  • The Legal Eagle - Spring 2002 Contains articles on corporal punishment, the legality of curfews, and treason.
  • The Legal Eagle - Spring 2003 Contains articles on the three strikes law, zero tolerance policies and violent video games.
  • The Legal Eagle - Spring 2004 Contains articles on legislating good sportsmanship, flag burning and refusing dissections in science class.
  • The Legal Eagle - Spring 2005 Contains articles on the Feres Doctrine, mandatory volunteering and habeas corpus.
  • The Legal Eagle - Spring 2006 Contains articles on steroids in baseball, legislating fast food, and having the military recruit on college campuses.
  • The Legal Eagle - Spring 2007 Contains articles on solving cold cases, safety of thrill rides, metal bat legislation and shield laws.
  • The Legal Eagle - Spring 2008 Contains articles on the national popular vote, cell phones in school, teen curfews in malls, and policing the airwaves.
  • Legal Eagle Spring 2009 Contains articles voting rights of Washington, DC residents, moments of silence, and the dead celebrities bill.
  • Legal Eagle Spring 2010 Contains articles on sexting, libel tourism and individual rights.
  • Legal Eagle Spring 2012 Contains articles on the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, violent videos games as free speech, and whether schools can control what students post on the Internet.
  • Legal Eagle Spring 2013 Contains articles on the Affordable Healthcare Act, the NFL concussion lawsuit, and the fairness of electing judges.
  • Legal Eagle Spring 2014 Special Environmental Law Edition: Contains articles on climate change, plastic bag bans, and fracking.
  • Legal Eagle Spring 2015 Contains articles on Magna Carta's 800 anniversary, net neutrality, and the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Legal Eagle Spring 2016 Contains articles on cellphone privacy, the FTC's settlement with Snapchat, the Blurred Lines copyright lawsuit and the climate change agreement reached in Paris.
  • Legal Eagle Spring 2017 Contains articles on gene editing, the FDA, concussions in football and banning solitary confinement for juveniles.


  • The Legal Eagle - Winter 2001 Contains articles on the 2000 presidential election,shoplifting, and juvenile detention centers.
  • The Legal Eagle - Winter 2002 Contains articles on New Jersey's anti-bullying legislation, biotechnology in food, and marketing adult products to kids.
  • The Legal Eagle - Winter 2003 Contains articles on drug testing, domestic spying, plagiarism, sporting event accidents and an update on New Jersey's anti-bullying legislation.
  • The Legal Eagle - Winter 2004 Contains articles on copyright infringement, cameras in the classroom, and an obesity lawsuit.
  • The Legal Eagle - Winter 2005 Contains articles on re-instituting the draft, who owns the Bill of Rights, cyberbullying and animal protection laws.
  • The Legal Eagle - Winter 2006 Contains articles on evolution vs. intelligent design, freedom of the press, and the church-state debate.
  • The Legal Eagle - Winter 2007 Contains articles on global warming, eminent domain, and DNA databases vs. right to privacy.
  • The Legal Eagle - Winter 2008 Contains articles on food safety, lobbying, secession, and violent video games.
  • Special Animal Law Edition Double Issue Published in February 2009: Contains articles on the polar bear lawsuit, mandatory spaying/neutering, pet hoarding, steroid use in horse racing, banning live animal mascots, banning carriage horses in New York City, dog fighting and the pet food recall.
  • Legal Eagle Winter 2010 Contains articles on national security v. whales/dolphins, post-conviction DNA testing, strip searches in schools, and the constitutionality of the Iraq War.
  • Special Anti-Bullying Edition 20-Page Issue Published in January 2011: Contains articles on cyber bullying, bullycide, the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, prosecuting bullies, the landmark L.W. case in New Jersey, and federal anti-bullying legislation.
  • Legal Eagle Winter 2012 Contains articles on states' rights, climate change and no more life sentences for juvenile non-homicide offenders.
  • Legal Eagle Winter 2013 Contains articles on double jeopardy, eyewitness identification, prosecutorial misconduct and the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding life sentences for juveniles in cases of homicide.
  • Legal Eagle Winter 2014 Contains articles on legalizing marijuana, gun control and the Bradley Manning trial.
  • Legal Eagle Winter 2015 Contains articles on climate change, EPA regulations to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, and unionizing college athletes.
  • Legal Eagle Winter 2016 Contains articles on DNA Collection, privacy vs. national security, cameras in the U.S. Supreme Court, and the controversy over the AP History framework.
  • Legal Eagle Winter 2017 Contains articles on gun control, civics education, the clean water crisis and privacy concerns brought to light by the Apple vs. FBI controversy.